I was approached by Mrs. Sharma about branding for her Clinical Art Therapy Practice.  We established the name, mission, and the market for her new practice.  She wanted to incorporate different aspects of meditative chakras, art symbols, and modern aesthetics. We went through rounds of iterations and narrowed down the option for a symbol that embodies the energy and knowledge one would gain from analyzing art created by her patients.  Ultimately, the goal was to create a brand that shows the process of meditation and understanding through the subject's artwork.  Creating a modern, simple, and unique symbol was very important to Mrs. Sharma. The mark I developed visually illustrates the process one goes through while in Art Therapy, which involves understanding the knowledge/energy of healing through art and changing as a person.   

Initial ideas: 1. Chacras, 2. Rainbow Colors, 3. Prayer Hands 4. Better Type Pairing

Round 2 
New Ideas: 1. Process of Therapy, 2. New Skills from Therapy, 3. Paint Brush Symbol
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